Watch Live

There are two ways to participate in the remote live services.

You can either dial in by phone or join the video live stream via app for smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you choose the app, you will be prompted to install it the first time you join. Connection info is below:

Zoom App
from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
Dial In
with phone
  • Dial: 646-876-9923
  • Meeting ID: 847 050 9337 #
  • Participant ID: #
  • Password: 6722 #
  • *6 to unmute/mute
Dial in

Meeting Rooms

We also have the following two Zoom rooms for life groups, side meetings, prayer after service, Sunday school, etc. These are open all week for people to use as needed.

Treat them like a virtual conference room and use them as you need for meetings throughout the week:

Meeting Room 1 Meeting Room 2